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This website uses cookies and other unique identifiers as part of it's critical functionality for visitors. If cookies are not enabled then your experience using our website and services will be severely impacted and impaired. If you do not wish to use cookies, please leave this site immediately and discontinue any and all use of it's services. We utilize services that provide tracking, analytics, advertisements, and more that also use cookies for tracking and advertisement purposes. These services include Google Analytics and Google AdWords, for more information about their policies please visit the appropriate sites. Our providers (such as PayPal, Stripe, Enjin, Tebex, and Braintree) may store personal information related to purchases, so please consult with them for more information regarding their policies.

Data Collection, Processing, and Storage

Performium LLC is a United States based company catering to customers based in the United States. Any information provided will be processed and stored within the United States, and anyone outside of the United States agrees that by utilizing any service or providing any information, you are consenting to the transfer, processing, and storage laws applicable solely under laws of the United States. Information collected by Performium will be used internally within the organization and it’s affiliates and partners, and will not be sold. Data collected consists primarily of user information that is required to provide the core functionality for the services we offer, including account management and order support. This information includes, but is not limited to, email addresses, IP addresses, and other digital identifiers used for core user services. Information collected will be used for critical communications, account access, and other core functionality and cannot be removed.

Email Communications

When you create an account and elect to op-in to email marketing, your email address will be included in any relevant promotional campaigns. By supplying your email address when making a purchase through our store you will receive notifications about your purchase, order status, and other promotional material which you can opt out of at any time. Any marketing email messages will contain a simple link to automatically opt-out of future communications if the user decides to opt-out. Critical emails related to account access, password resets, and other crucial communications are not considered unsolicited and will ignore opt-out settings.
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