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In this article, we will be laying out the fundamental server and community rules and guidelines. By no means is this list comprehensive and you will not find every last scenario listed. Please use your best judgement when playing on the server. Just because a specific action is not covered below does not mean we do not reserve the right to punish depending on the violation. Most of our rules are "common sense", meaning don't say and do things that would get you in trouble in the real world.

General Rules

Ban Appeals

Violations of our community rules and guidelines may result in a temporary or permanent ban from related services, including game servers, website accounts, and Discord servers. If you are banned from any of these services, you will need to create a ban appeal at 

Note: If your ban appeal is denied, it is likely because the infraction is too severe to remove, or you are not accepting responsibility for your actions.

Even after a successful ban appeal, your account access may not be restored to all services. For instance, if your minecraft server ban is removed you are not guaranteed to have your Discord ban removed.

Ban Appeal Guidelines
There are many things that you should include in your ban appeal, such as the account that was banned, the rough date/time that it happened, and MOST IMPORTANTLY the reason why you were banned. If you fail to disclose the reason you were banned, or attempt to cover it up, your appeal will be denied. 

When creating an appeal make sure that you are not accusatory or argumentative. We understand that sometimes things happen that we are not aware of, but the ban appeal is your chance to fully explain everything. While we have access to server logs, sometimes there are missing pieces we cannot see, which is why it's important you provide as much information as possible.

If your ban appeal includes any of the following items or topics, it will be denied immediately and may stop you from being able to appeal your ban any further: Claims of “false bans” or similar excuses, inability to accept responsibility (ie. blaming staff or others), lying or providing false information about the reason you were banned.

Discord Ban Appeals
If you were previously banned on Discord due to a server ban, you can request to be unbanned via a ban appeal ticket. Accounts that have previously been permanently banned must wait 30 days after reversal of any server bans before they can appeal Discord bans.

Inappropriate Content

This server is strictly PG, meaning no discussing topics that are mature in nature. Our community is made up of players from all age ranges and we want to create an experience that can suit everyone equally. You may not discuss content related to drugs, politics, sexual references, or other mature topics. Additionally, mentioning death or self harm is strictly forbidden in our community and will be reported.

Self Censoring / Chat Filter Bypassing

We have certain word and chat filters in place for a reason, and anyone who attempts to bypass those filters can be permanently banned. Self Censoring your words may also get your account banned, since this could be seen as a means of chat filter bypassing. Any programs that attempt to spam and/or bypass our chat filters or rate limiting will result in a permanent ban as spam bots are not allowed.

Self Censoring
If “noob” was a censored word, then you can be banned for self censoring by putting "no*b" in chat.

Chat Filter Bypassing
If “noob” was a censored word, then you can be banned for bypassing the chat filter by putting something like “n00b” in chat.


Swearing will not be tolerated in any chat areas, especially when directed towards another player. Our game servers have some blacklisted words, and any attempts to bypass those censors should be reported. Some minor swear words are allowed, and while we aren't going to mention them here, remember that excessive use can still cause a punishment to be applied. These rules also apply to voice chats, including streams. While slightly more flexibility is given in voice chats, you can still get punished for breaking the rules.

Hatred and/or Discrimination

Any reference to hateful or discriminatory movements, ideas, symbols, stereotypes, groups, or figures is not tolerated whatsoever. The use of any hateful or discriminatory phrases and slurs is also strictly prohibited. The use of the term "gay" in a negative context is deemed homophobia on our server. Anything used to insult or attack a particular group of individuals will not be tolerated.

Account Transfers / Change of Ownership

Purchases, permissions, rewards, item, claims, and anything else that is associated with an account is done so using the account UUID and are only available to that account. In the event of a lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised account, we are unable to move anything to a different account. There are many reasons we do this, but the most common scenario is is to prevent the sale, transfer, or exchange from one account owner to another since this is not something we allow on our network. 

Harassment / Sexism

Targeting a player using verbal insults or name-calling repeatedly is harassment. Using any types of programs/macros/etc. to spam a player is considered harassment. Any type of derogatory or sexist remarks can result in a ban. Threatening other players in any way is harassment and will not be tolerated. Refusal to leave a plot or island is also harassment if the owner of the plot or island has asked you to leave. Fighting or spawn killing someone after the player has asked you to stop is harassment. (This does not apply in PVP Arenas or on Factions)


In general, advertising other games, servers, services, or communities will result in a ban. Advertising another Minecraft server IP or name will result in an instant permanent ban. Advertising non-Performium Network affiliated links, including websites and discord links to other communities, are not allowed. Special advertising rules are outlined specifically for approved content creators. Any software or bots that spam links will be grounds for an immediate permanent ban.


Threats towards any player or staff member on the server will not be tolerated. Any threats or attacks made against Performium, it's servers, or any related service will results in a permanent ban with no chance to appeal, and possible legal recourse. Threatening to harm yourself, another player, or any staff member will result in a permanent ban. Releasing any personal information about any community member will result in a permanent ban.


Impersonating staff or other players is strictly not allowed. Changing your name, even if done so temporarily, to that of another player will result in a permanent ban. Claiming to have the abilities that are those of a staff member is not allowed. Claiming that you represent Performium or any of it's services without proper authority to do so will result in a permanent ban.

Disrespect / Toxicity

Being disrespectful towards any community member, or member of our staff team, is not allowed. Any insults, threats, or harassment to new members will result in a punishment being applied. If you have an issue with a player or staff member, being disrespectful publicly will result in a mute or ban. If you have issues with a certain player or staff member doing doing or not doing something they should, please use the proper reporting channels. Toxic behavior of any form will not be tolerated and repeat offenders risk being permanently banned. Toxic behavior includes general rudeness or disrespect, speaking ill of the community or it's members, or anything else that generates negativity. While we understand that not all players will like every decision we make, there are right and wrong ways to discuss them. 

Website Accounts

Since multiple Minecraft accounts can be linked to a single Performium website account, we ask that all players only maintain a single account. Anyone who creates alternate accounts specifically to harass, downvote, or otherwise abuse any systems risks being permanently banned from the website and in game.

Staff Applications

You can find information about applying for staff in the server guides section of our site.

Account Sharing

We do not allow the use of shared accounts on our server network. This includes, but is not limited to, third party websites and shared account services, sharing account credentials with friends, using bots or other software to access our network. While we cannot stop players from sharing accounts, remember that it is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to share your account login credentials. This can lead to the loss of your account, and possibly other services as well. If we detect any players sharing accounts, all accounts will be banned.

Custom Items


As you know, you can Create Custom Items on our website when you get tokens from Rewards. This system has been something we always wanted to have for years, but never had the time to complete until recently. The reason we created this system was because managing custom items was a tedious and time consuming task. Often times it would be too hard to track all the individual items, names, lore, enchants, and more when it came to creating these items, and many times there were changes requested after the fact. That's why we put the power in your hands, to allow you to create the items you want the way you want them!

Item Restrictions

While we offer players the ability to create most items, there are a few restrictions. Items must follow all of our rules and guidelines as outlined on this page. Item names and lore must be appropriate, and not contain any rude, defamatory, or derogatory comments/verbiage. Anyone caught abusing this will have their items cancelled, and depending on the nature of the violation could result in a ban. With that said, bans are really only applied in very specific cases, such as:

  • Extremely vulgar / racist / homophobic / hateful or otherwise highly inappropriate words/phrases.
  • Potential scam items such as creating a fake Gem Cookie, Lava Gen bucket, or other in game mechanic.
  • Any items designed to glitch, dupe, crash, or otherwise harm the server(s).
  • Item names or lore that contain extremely distasteful wording, phrases, or otherwise highly inappropriate text.

Why aren't certain items in the list of items?
When a player adds an item the the Global Vault system it becomes available for others to create that item with their tokens. If something isn't there, it's because it is either blocked specifically, or nobody has put the item in their /GV. The reason we don't add all items is because there are quite a few dangerous items, such as command blocks, structure blocks, light blocks, and many other blocks players should not have access to. Our thought process is that if a player puts an item in their /GV, it is safe for them to create. 

Approval Process

Once an item is designed and submitted to our system, it is placed into a manual moderation queue. This is so that our administration team can check for any of the disallowed items above. Once the items are approved it is placed into a queue to be delivered to your /GV on your account. Items will be delivered within 1 minute after approval, and sometimes you might have to change servers to get the item to show up.


Once something is available within your /GV, the item is finalized and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will we allow items to be modified from their original design after the fact!

Technical Glitches

The only time we provide support for items that have been delivered are when our system has a technical error that resulted in a mistake. This error has to be repeatable and verifiable. For example, if you ordered an ELYTRA but the server gave you a piece of STONE, and we verify this was an issue on our end, we will correct this mistake. The same logic applies to color codes and enchants, where if you picked one color/enchant but it applied another, we would fix that.

What is NOT covered
There are many things that could potentially cause a problem when you create a custom item. While this list is not a full list, it contains some of the most common issues. These “issues” are not with our system, but the choices made by the person creating the items and these WILL NOT result in support for the items.

  • Some enchants conflict, such as having FORTUNE and SILK TOUCH, or RIPTIDE and LOYALTY. When creating an item we allow players to add these bad combinations, and display a warning. If the player still chooses to create the item, we do not offer support when the items do not work as intended.
  • Color codes are one of our most frequent problems, and as such we have taken the stance of “AS IS” when items are created. We have spent a lot of time creating tools that will give the most accurate preview possible of the items you are creating, and as such it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to verify the color codes or formatting. 
  • Formatting codes are also something that some players may not be familiar with. Formatting codes are things like BOLD or UNDERLINE, or MAGIC that change the appearance and format of the words. These codes have to be placed AFTER THE COLOR CODES, as color codes reset the formatting codes. For example: If you name an item &6&LTest it will say “Test” in GOLD AND BOLD, but if you put &L&6Test it will say “Test” only in gold, since the format code is reset by the color.

Cancelling Items

As stated above, our system preview shows the item as accurately as possible. Make sure you check your preview before AND after submitting an item. Once submitted you can cancel the item for a full token refund at any point UNTIL it is approved by an admin. If you see any errors or issues in the display preview, please cancel the item and correct the issues. If you find an issue you can't solve, create a Support Ticket and we can provide additional help.


Server Specific Rules


In general griefing is not allowed, especially when it is done purposely with the goal of causing damage. Griefing includes creating cobblemonsters near, or obstructing other players' claims.

SMP Servers
Obstructing entrance to or the use of The End in any SMP or Roleplay server is griefing. Griefing while trusted on a plot is not allowed. This includes destroying someones build or plot in any way. Claiming around other peoples claims, with any type of malicious intent, is not allowed. Bypassing spawn protection in any way is griefing. TP trapping for bounties is not allowed, and will be treated as griefing. There is also no PVPing in claims, or harassment on claims for bounties, this includes spawn camping.

SkyBlock Servers
This can mean creating warp death traps on your island, pushing players off islands, inappropriate builds and cobblemonsters.

Factions & SMP PVP Zones
Pushing someone from spawn into the WarZone is considered griefing. Inflicting damage or attempting to inflict damage from the safety of spawn is not allowed. Scamming, TP trapping and spawn killing is allowed on our Factions server. Bringing animals into PVP is not allowed.

Excessive Caps

In general, we ask our community to refrain from posting in all caps while typing. We understand that sometimes capitaization matters, especially in the heat of the moment. While we don't often punish for abuse of caps, if asked to stop by a community member please do so.

Mob Grinders

On all servers, single mob grinders should have no more than 10 spawners. Having a grinder with over 10 spawners in one location will be considered excessive should be reduced immediately. Failure to reduce grinder size upon request may result in disciplinary action, including forfeiture of the excess spawners. While most players follow this rule, punishments are typically given out when someone purposely tries to cause lag by placing hundreds of spawners.

Any servers that are running Spawners 2.0 are exempted from this rule.

Texture Packs

Any texture packs, such as XRAY, which give an unfair advantage are not permitted. Most texture packs are fine, but if you have any questions please ask in our forums.

Third Party Alts

The use of third party websites or services to obtain and use alts is not allowed. Any account(s) you use from these websites will result in a ban, which could also ban your legitimate accounts. This goes for free or paid alts from these websites, you should only ever use accounts that you own directly. The only Minecraft accounts allowed on the Performium Network are those obtained directly from Mojang and are yours personally.

Alt Limit

Having more than 10 accounts on the same IP that have joined the server is not allowed. Having more than 5 accounts online at a time on the server also will result in a ban.

Alt Abuse

While we have no problem with the use of some alt accounts on our network, there are limitations that we expect players to adhere to. Players who use alt accounts for the purposes of “farming rewards”, such as gathering login or vote streaks with the sole intention of gaining extra rewards, is prohibited. This includes any system that provides a reward to individual accounts, such as a first time join item/kit on a server, a reward for regular activities, additional entries into a contest, or other actions that manipulate your chances higher than that of a single player.

Autoclicking / Macros

If you are deemed to be automatically clicking using any sort of method, you are subject to punishment. This includes using any sort of keyboard macros or rebinding keys. The use of things like killaura or mobaura to AFK farm are strictly prohibited and will result in a ban.


Using a server glitch/bug to your advantage is exploiting. If you think you have found a bug, please report to senior staff via a support ticket. Repeated attempts to exploit or abuse mechanics can result in a permanent ban. Do not try to recreate it unless asked to by a staff member!

Ban or Mute Evasion

Evading bans or mutes is not allowed. Accessing the server on another account after being banned or muted is evasion. If evasion is detected an IP ban may be issued to all accounts that shared that IP address.

General Cheating / Unfair advantages / Mods

We do not allow the use of any clients or modifications that offer any in-game advantage. If you are not sure if a mod is considered cheating, please ask in our forums and we will be happy to clarify. AFK grinding, mining, or fishing of any form is considered cheating and may result in a ban and further in game consequences. Schematica, printer, or any other related programs that are used to automatically place blocks or download schematics are not allowed on our network.


Scamming or attempting to scam players on servers (excluding factions servers) is not allowed. Scamming would be considered any forms of lying or manipulaition to attempt to deceive a person/persons into obtaining something they normally wouldn't provide.

Scamming players of IRL money or accounts is not allowed. Cross-Server trades are discouraged unless done so on our website utilizing the special trading tools. If you are scammed in a cross-server trade performed outside of our website tools, we will not issue a punishment or return the items. Advertising trades involving purchases using hard currency are not allowed on our network. (ex: "I will give you this spawner if you buy me a prefix!") Scamming in game, such as selling a deceiving item on the Auction House, is not allowed - except on Factions/Armies servers.


When it comes to trading items in game, we suggest using the /trade command. This command offers an interface to show exactly what items will be sent and received. If you trade any items through the /trade system, the trades will be binding and cannot be reversed by staff. Do not accept any trades you are not 100% sure you want to make, as anything made through the /trade system cannot be reversed by staff. 

IRL Trading

Selling items, accounts, ranks, or anything else for real world currency is not allowed. This means you cannot sell minecraft items for cash or other items. While trading items on a server is allowed with /trade, doing so through IRL means is not allowed. Anyone caught performing such as act will be banned, including the buyer and the seller, and the items will be destroyed. If you suspect IRL trading, or see anyone advertising such trades, please report them for a reward. If you attempt to IRL trade and get scammed, you will not have any recourse to get the items you were promised, since this is not something we allow.

Block Glitching

Using any method to make impossible movements, such as walking/jumping on blocks you try to place in a location you do not have access to build, is not allowed. This includes the use of commands or cosmetic items that may allow you to glitch through walls or objects that you shouldn't be able to pass. Exploiting any such mechanics is grounds for an immediate permanent ban.


Any attempt to duplicate any items in any way is strictly prohibited and heavily enforced. If you accidentally duplicate an item, let us know so we can try to find out what happened and give you a reward for reporting it. If you abuse any duplication glitches, or are affiliated with others who have duped items (included using duped items), you can also be banned.

Hacked Client

Hacking, or the use of illegitimate/hacked clients of any form, is not allowed. This includes any types of mods or macros that give an unfair advantage. Macros, or other external programs, could be considered scripting/botting and can result in a ban. Anything that changes the game to give an unfair advantage is not allowed. If you aren't sure if something is allowed, ask in our support forum.

Inappropriate Skins / Usernames

As this is a PG server, it should go without saying that any skin or username that violates the above rules will not be tolerated. Any potentially racist, sexist, distasteful, or otherwise inappropriate names or skins are not allowed.

Lost/Stolen Items

Due to the nature of in game items, we cannot replace lost or stolen items. Whether a player has lost (ie. dropped into the void) an item or had an item stolen (ie. a trusted player took it from a chest), we are unable to recover such items. This is because there are too many ways for players to abuse a replacement system, and there is no way to determine exactly if/how an item was lost/stolen. We recommend only giving /trust access to players you know and trust. This applies to any players given permission to and/or invited to any SkyBlock islands as well.

Data Deletion Policy

Our servers are setup by default to remove unused player files, chunks, and regions that have not been accessed up updated within 6 months. When the chunks and regions get deleted, existing claims and other plugin data may still be registered in those locations. When player data is deleted, this will remove any inventory items. If you wish to stop a player, claim, island, or other area from being deleted you must simply log into those area(s) within 6 months.

Teaming (minigames)

Teaming with other players in minigames that are designed to be played individually is strictly prohibited on our network. Players who are caught teaming multiple times risk being banned from our minigames, as well as our network. Examples of teaming would be working with other player(s) during a UHC game, or helping to cover for the imposter in Among Us.

Content Creator Rules


Anyone who is approved for a creator role should know that community members may look up to the actions you do, so we ask our creators to be on their best behaviors. As such, any actions that go against the general community guidelines could result in removal or a ban. Most of our standard community guidelines apply to our creators, with some exceptions onlined below. Using common sense will ensure that you will not have any issues as a creator. With that said, not all creators have common sense, so please familiarize yourself with all community rules.

Application Requirements

Before applying for a creator rank, please ensure you meet the following criteria:

  1. You actively play on and record/stream on the Performium Network.
  2. You have a good video/stream quality including good graphics and a good mic.
  3. You streams/videos meet all of our community guidelines.
  4. You do not have any recent bans or punishments involving harassment, bullying, or other toxic behaviors.


Things to include on your application:

  1. Make sure your minecraft account is linked on:
  2. Make sure your videos or streams are archived and publicly available. Anyone who hides their videos or streams will not be approved.
  3. Make sure that you include a link to your YouTube or Twitch channel, and any social media sites you'd like us to see.
  4. Include a little bit about yourself, and why you are applying.

How to apply

You can apply for a creator role by creating a ticket under the “Creator” category at:

Applying and Term Length

While everyone can openly apply for the creator program, we ask that you only apply if you take creating seriously. We give many creators the benefit of the doubt, but expect them all to want to succeed and grow. Getting a creator rank will not mean you will grow your following, only you can do that by making good content. Creating a video or two does not make you a creator, and we often times ignore applications from people who don't regularly create content. Even if you only have a few viewers on your streams or videos, we'd rather approve people with dozens of videos than one video with tons of views. While we typically do not remove ranks from approved creators, there are many reasons you could lose access due to content or inactivity.

Advertising Videos and Streams

First and foremost, only post links to videos and streams that are on the Performium network servers. While you can feel free to play other games and servers, do not advertise those streams or videos on our network. Anyone with a Twitch or YouTube rank should be able to post links to their videos and streams on the servers without being blocked by any advertising filters. We ask our creators to limit the frequency that they post their links into chat out of respect for the community. If you plan to play on a particular server we ask you to only post links there, rather than going to every server. While you won't be punished if you do go to each server, the community members may not appreciate the spam and could hurt your viewership.

Swearing and Inappropriate Behavior

We offer our creators freedom to do as they wish on their streams, as long as what they do within our community follows our guidelines. This means if a creator swears or says inappropriate things on their streams, it will only be problematic if it spills into chat or voice services provided by Performium. Basic community rules still apply such as toxicity, harassment, discrimination/hate speech, or other extreme topics that are adult in nature. Any creators caught doing anything that violates any of the extreme items listed above will result in a ban and loss of creator roles forever.

Content Types and Frequency

We don't have any minimum requirements for the frequency at which creators make content on our network. However, as stated above, creators promoting their content must only do so on Performium related content. Creators who are approved for the program and promote other games or services risk losing access to their rank. Creators who also create content that is strictly adult or grotesque in nature also risk losing access to their rank. Creators who go inactive normally will be able to retain their creator ranks, but upon extreme cases may have to reapply.

Creator Perks

While our creator roles don't come with a lot of perks, there are a few that are unique to creators. Here are some of the most commonly used perks:

  • Ability to post links to Twitch and YouTube videos and streams to promote your own content.
  • Access to /tptoggle to turn on or off teleportation requests.
  • Access to /msgtoggle to turn on or off private messages.
  • Access to Creator discord channel on the Performium discord server.
  • Ability to post in the creator forum at
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