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Data Retention Policy
At Performium we deal with a LOT of information regarding players, accounts, claims, inventories, rewards, and more. This type of data ensures that players are able have the best experience possible, since it's crucial data for our services. However, there comes a time where old data has to be purged in order to make room for newer players and other optimizations. This means that data that isn't accessed or used regularly is at risk of deletion.

What Gets Deleted?
Core information about you account, such as you website account, player Gem balance, and other database driven information is kept indefinitely. However, when it comes to game servers there are things that get removed.

  • Claims: While there are some exceptions, land claims made on servers that have Grief Prevention installed are setup to automatically remove old claims. 
  • Chunks: World chunks that haven't been accessed for an extended amount of time may be purged from the game.
  • Player Data: Items such as achievements, inventories, and more are deleted along with the data above.

When Is It Deleted?
While there is no way to see the exact time something will expire, most systems are setup to purge data after 6 months. This also applies to each server, meaning if you only log into SMP and not Skyblock, your SMP inventory and claims can be saved but your Skyblock is still at risk.

How Do I Avoid Deletion?
All it takes to save your data and claims is to hop onto the server every few months minimum and go to each island/home that you have. This is all it takes to save your information.

Can My Lost Items/Claims/Islands Be Restored?
Unfortunately, once something is deleted there is no way to get it back, which is why it's crucial to prevent it in the first place.

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