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What are Mystery Boxes?

Mystery Boxes give our players amazing collectibles including, Morphs, Gadgets, Cloaks, Wings, Banners and so much more!!! You can find Mystery Boxes by playing on any of our servers, being gifted boxes, daily login streaks, vote streaks and also in Cosmetic Crates!

How do they work?

Mystery Boxes contain unique and highly valued Collectibles. When you  decide its time to open a box, you can see before open what the possible loot is in each box. The final prize is a random selection from the displayed list:


 Additionally, the prizes are all color coded, each color signifies the following:

  • Green – Common prize
  • Blue – Rare prize
  • Purple – Epic prize, these are hard to find
  • Gold – Legendary prize, these will be found very infrequently, but are super cool once you have them.


Each Mystery Box has a Quality level shown in Stars ***** from 1 – 5. The higher the quality of the box the more opportunities there are to get better tier prizes.

Any FREE Boxes (i.e. those given by Streaks and Random Drops in game) require a Prefix on the server to open the higher quality boxes, and also expire after 7 days.

Prefix required to open:

  • *---- Any Player
  • **--- Any Player
  • ***-- Iron Rank or Gold Member
  • ****- Gold Rank or Platinum Member
  • ***** Obsidian Prefix or Diamond Member


Any Mystery Boxes obtained by crafting or Cosmetic Crates never expire and may be opened by any player.

How do I get Mystery Boxes?

You can obtain Mystery Boxes by simply playing on The Performium Network, logging in daily to achieve streaks, hitting vote milestones, participating in events on Twitch and YouTube and opening Cosmetic Crates. Boxes found during play can be any Quality, however Streaks give specific and higher qualities the longer the streaks continue.

If you buy a Mystery Box package from the store or gemstore at /Gems you will have guaranteed numbers of certain quality boxes, this will be shown on the store page before you purchase.

Gifted Mystery Boxes means that another player has purchased a “Gift” for you at the Performium Network Store and given it to you.  Gifts can only be given to other players, you cannot open gift boxes yourself. These additionally do not expire.

Mystery Vaults

In all spawns you will find an enderchest named “Mystery Vault” You may right click this Vault to see how many chests you have to open and their details. Above the Vault you can see at a glance how many boxes you currently have.

Inside the Vault you will find the following items:

  • Package – This is where you store all your Gift packages
  • Book – This will show you your last few Prizes.
  • Anvil – This is where you craft Mystery Boxes it will also show you how much dust you have.
  • Nether Star – This is where you may open multiple boxes at once (subject to your membership or rank level)
  • Redstone – Here you may choose your Mystery Box Opening Animation (higher ranks have more choices)



 Once you have opened a box it will display in your chat window what you have won.

Crafting Boxes

If you receive a prize that you already own, you will receive mystery dust instead, this may be used for crafting boxes.  The prices required to craft a box reduce depending on your Club Membership tier. Remember Crafted boxes never expire and you may craft up to a ***** Box.



  • How many boxes can I find?
    • There is no limit on the number of random boxes you can find, the more you play the more you will win, even when AFK!
  • How do you decide who finds the random boxes?
    • The server picks a player at random and awards a random quality, approximately every 5 minutes someone on the network receives a box.
  • How do I access my Collectibles?
    • In the Hubs you may click the Nether Stars, in all other servers the menu can be opened using the command /cosmetics, /collectibles or by clicking the nether star in the /servers menu
  • Why don’t some of my items don’t work in some PVP areas or on game servers?
    • Any collectible that may give an advantage in normal gameplay is disabled in those areas.
  • When I try to open a box it says "you do not have the required permission to open this box"
    • Any FREE Boxes (i.e. those given by Streaks and Random Drops in game) require a Prefix on the server to open the higher quality boxes see the chart above for which boxes require what prefix.

Super Fun-filled Pets!A whole amazing Pet System!

Want a companion that follows you around everywhere you go? Unlock new pets and send them on missions to level them up! Each pet can have a max level of 100. You can feed your pet with pet items to increase their attribute level and make them happier.  Increase your pet's attribute by feeding them with food, drinking water or playing with toys. You can gain pet items by opening Mystery Boxes. You will receive random pet items once you open a Mystery Box. Every pet has their favorite, most liked or disliked item. When your pet eats their favorite food, their attribute level will increase even more than normal.

 Some pets include but not limited to

  • Bat Pet
  • Enderman Pet
  • Rainbow Sheep Pet
  • Slime Pet
  • Magma Cube Pet
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