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Performium Gems are the newest addition to the server that will make purchasing even easier! We have developed a brand new /Gems shop that will allow you to do everything in-game that you used to need to do on our website. Using that command will open a menu that will let you upgrade your rank, purchase a club membership, get cosmetic mystery boxes, unlock pets and cosmetics, get minigame coins, and much more! 

Visit the Gem Shop:

What are Gems?
Gems are a virtual currency that allow you to make in-game purchases of ranks, boosters, memberships, and tons of fun cosmetic items.

How do I use Gems?
You can simply type /Gems in game and the store menu will be shown.

Can I transfer Gems from one account to another?
While the direct gifting of gems to another player is not possible, you can purchase Gem-Cookies which can be traded with other players in game and redeemed for gems. This can be achieved with /trade on any long term server. Gem cookies will give you +100 gems when held in your hand and right clicked to redeem!

Can I Gift Gems?
Absolutely! When you are in the store simply click the gift icon and enter the name of the recipient.

Can Gems be used on all servers?
The gem store is available on all network servers, but certain categories are restricted based on server type.

Do my Gems expire?
No, once you buy the Gems they are attached to your Performium account automatically and last until they are spent.

How do I link my account?
No action is necessary. All Gems are securely stored directly on you Performium account, there is no registration or any linking required.

What happens when I change my name?
You Gems are linked to your Minecraft UUID, not the name on the account. Name changes will have no effect and your Gems will remain safe.

Are Gems refundable?
Refunds are not offered on unused Gems, but you can spend them on many awesome items in-game. Gems are issued immediately and will persist until spent. If you don't want to use them yourself you can always gift Gem Cookies to your friends. Gems have no cash value and may not be redeemed.

Are there other ways to get Gems?
Absolutely, you may get Gems from certain events in Game, reaching vote streaks, as well as from achieving Milestones in your Performium Level.

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