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With the release of our All New Creative server, we thought it best to set up a quick guide on the commands that you are able to use.

Plot Commands

These are the commands specific to the plot. These can include claiming, removing, adding trust or modifying your plot as needed.

CommandAliasesCommand Description
/plot claim/plot c
/p c
/plot c
This command is used to claim the plot you are in
/plot auto/p a
/plot a
This is to automatically claim and teleport to a plot
/plot trust <Player>/plot t
/p t
Grants build trust to the player listed in the command, this allows them to build while online or offline
/plot add <Player>/plot add
/p add
Grants build trust to the player listed in the command, this allows them to build while online only, they are unable to build when the owner is offline
/plot deny <Player>/plot deny
/p d
Allows you to prevent specific players from accessing your plot
/plot remove <Player>/plot r
/p r
Removes a player from your list, this could be from your trust list, added list, or deny list
/plot merge <all|n|s|e|w>/plot m
/p m
/plot merge all
This command will allow you to merge plots in the direction you are looking, you can also add all at the end to merge all plots together
/plot delete/p deleteThis command is to delete and unclaim the plot you are on. This frees it up for another user to claim
/plot clear/p clearThis command clears the plot while retaining all other permissions and ownership
/plot unlink/p uThis is used to unmerge or unlink the merged plots
/plot setbiome/p setbiome
/p sb
/p b
This allows you to select a different biome for your plot, this does require the name of the biome. You can obtain a list by typing the command and pressing enter
/plot sethome/p sh
/p seth
This allows you to set where you spawn when using /p home
/plot home <Number>/p h
/p home
This teleports you to your plot's home
/plot middle/p middle
/p center
Teleports you to the center of the current plot
/plot kick/p kick
/p k
This is used to kick a player from your plot
/plot list mine/p l mineThis list the plots that you have owned
/plot set <variable>/p setThis allows you to set certain things on your plot, such as time, by using /p set time 1200 you can set the time on the plot to always be 1200

If you have any further question regarding any of these game modes, please reach out to us on our forums or Discord server!

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