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Updated guide for the new Towny server!
This version of towny includes custom terrain! Plenty of roads with street names to start your towns in! Bridges across oceans and tunnels through mountains! Roadways will generate in 16x16 plots for easy building.

Getting Started
Towny is all about making towns with other players and, similar to Factions, it allows you to claim land for your town and for yourself if you are part of a town, keeping your builds safe.

Here is a brief rundown of commands you will need at the start of playing on this server

  • /t new <name> allows the creation of the town and requires $250 to create.
  • /t list shows a list of the towns on the server including open ones.
  • /t join <name> allows you to join open towns on the server.
  • /tgui brings up a list of gui's you can use
  • /t claim allows the town Mayor or Assistants to claim land for the town.
  • /t claim outpost allows to claim land away from the main town.
  • /t unclaim allows the Mayor to unclaim chunk of town land.
  • /t add <name> allows the Mayor and Assistants to invite players to the town.
  • /t kick <name> allows a Mayor to remove a player from the town.
  • /plot fs <price> allows a Mayor or Assistant to put a chunk of land up for sale and make it claimable for town residents.
  • /plot claim allows residents to claim a chunk of land that has been placed up for sale.
  • /plot unclaim allows residents to unclaim their personal chunk and put it back up for sale.
  • /t spawn allows players to teleport to the town's spawn point set when the town was founded. You can add the name of another town when using this command and, if public, you can teleport to that town for a cost.
  • /t outpost <number> Travel to a set outpost is one exists in the town

Other Useful Commands

  • /res friend add (name) - add to plot
  • /plot perm- view plot perms
  • /plot set perm friend (perm) on/off - turns on permissions for friend to be active on your plot.
  • /plot perm off - turn off all perms for everybody on this plot
  • /plot perm on - turn on all perms for anybody on this plot
  • /bal - view your balance,
  • /baltop - view players with most money
  • /plot set perm destroy/build/switch on/off - turns on individual perms for a plot
  • /townchat, /tc - Put in from of text to speak with members of your town only (/tc message), or without text afterwards to enter the channel.
  • /nationchat, /nc - Put in from of text to speak with members of your nation only (/nc message), or without text afterwards to enter the channel.

/global, /g - Put in from of text to speak in globalchat (/g message), or without text afterwards to enter the channel.


Towns have roles that can be issued to residents to give them permissions and roles on the town.

Use this command to add roles: /t rank add [playername] [rank]

  • Mayor This is normally the town founder. They have full control over the town and can build, destroy, open chests and use items anywhere in the town including in other residents' personal plots. Has the ability to change plot permissions, toggle PVP, toggle mob spawning, and toggle explosions and fire spread.
  • Assistant This is a role the Mayor may grant to residents of the town. This role essentially creates "co-mayors" of the town. They can automatically do everything the Mayor can do with the exception of building and destroying on personal plots. However, they can change plot permissions to enable this ability. Additionally assistants cannot unclaim plots from the town.
  • Sheriff This role enables a resident to send rule breakers to the town jail as well as release jailed residents. Only the Sheriff can do this.
  • Helper This role is a cosmetic role a Mayor can award a residents to distinguish them as a town's staff member for general help and support for residents of the town.
  • VIP This is another cosmetic role given to residents by a Mayor to set important players apart from the other residents. This is purely cosmetic, just as Helper, and does not serve any other purpose.

Resident This is a normal player or member of the town. Everyone in the town is a resident by default.

Day to Day Running
Towny runs on the premise that on a set time of each 24 hours, every town on the server pays the server an upkeep price. Upkeep is automatically collected by the server. If this payment cannot be met, the town will disband and all claims will be dissolved. Upkeep varies depending on how the amount of residents in a town.

You can find upkeep cost by using /t and finding "Daily upkeep".

Town Income
Income for the town can be found in a number of ways, including taxes, selling items, and donations.

Taxes can be set by the Mayor in one of two ways. A set price each day or a percentage of the residents' in-game balance. Using /t set taxes <amount> and /tgui town allows you to change the number or percentage setting.

Town members can donate any extra cash to the town bank using /t deposit <amount>

There are more advanced ways involving the tax system. Seeing as this is the basic guide, those ways will not be covered.

Money can be earned by selling items to the server using /sell hand while holding the item you wish to sell.

Other Information
-Store all your belongings in a player vault (just type /pv <number>).
-Type /rtp to teleport to a random location in the wild.
-Easy Towny land management with /tgui.
-Use MCMMO to level up your skills and assist in resource gathering (see mcmmo guide for more info on how to use this)
-GooseVille server shop at /warp shop. Get all of your towns needs at /warp shop!
-Find the love of your life? Get married with /marry!
-Ability to trade with players in game with /trade.
-Put your items up for auction with /ah!

Roleplay Commands

  • /hug
  • /slap
  • /poke
  • /highfive
  • /yell
  • /facepalm
  • /bite
  • /lick
  • /kiss
  • /dab
  • /boi
  • /cry
  • /pat
  • /stalk

Update From Player Suggestion:

  • /plot set name (name) changes the name of a plot so instead of a name of the owner it displays the name set for the plot
  • /plot set perm (friend/resident/ally/outsider)(build/switch/destroy/itemuse) (on/off) (friends are on the ./res friend list, residents are members of the town, allies are members of towns in the same nation as your own town, and outsiders are every other player outside of your town and your nation- allows you to more specifically set perms regarding each classification of player
  • /plot set perm (friend/resident/ally/outsider) (on/off) - allows you to set all perms for a class of players to on or off
  • /plot set (embassy/farm/wilds/inn/shop/arena/jail/reset)
  • /plot fs (can set amount here if you want to charge) -sets the plot for sale don't need to set a price ./plot nfs -sets a plot to not for sale and ./plot claim (amount of plots you want to claim near you) or ./plot claim [rect/circle] (radius) to claim multiple plots within a vicinity
  • Shop plots are a way to tax people who have chest shops (mayors can ./t set shopprice ($) to tax shop plots)
  • Arena plots always have pvp on and deny town health regen
  • Embassy plots are set so people outside a specific town can own a plot and can be taxed if you want (mayors can ./t set embassy price ($) to tax embassy plots)
  • Wilds plots allow people to break ores, trees, flowers. anything harvest-able not including grass, dirt or stone.
  • Inn plots allow people to sleep in beds to set their /res spawn and respawn point
  • Jail plots are where the prison cells would be placed (mayor and sheriffs can ./t toggle jail (#) (name) - to send a player to jail, a jail needs to be set first
  • Farm plots allow people that have perms to only break grassplants,plants, flowers, pumpkin, melon, beetroot, carrot, potato, crops, and melons
  • /towny map -to show whats been claimed and what not easily (displays in chat helps interpret by looking north and viewing it like a compass)
  • /res set mode map -shows a constant changing map in chat that changes when you move plots
  • /res set mode reset -turns ^ off
  • /res set mode townclaim - allows you to claim wilderness chunks for the town by just walking into the chunk retype ./res set mode townclaim to turn it back off
  • /res toggle (friends/allies/outsiders/residents) (on/off or build/destroy/itemuse/switch) (on/off)
  • /plot set jail (number) (numbers 1-8 are taken) -used after setting a chunk to a jail with ./plot set jail (ask for help if having trouble)
  • /plot toggle (mobs/explosion/pvp/fire)
  • /plot evict -removes the owner of a plot from set plot and makes it un-owned/ town owned

Assistants can switch on all plots - open doors and trap doors

Helpers can switch on all TOWN owned plots, if a player owns the plots helpers can switch

VIP is a cosmetic role however, VIP and up are all exempt from town tax

Residents that are jailed can do ./res jail paybail to pay a $1000 fine to get out of jail if the mayor or sheriff do not release the player from jail

If you have any further question regarding any of these game modes, please reach out to us on our forums or Discord server!

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