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After finding some land that you're interested in building upon, living on, or preserving it is recommended to claim the area. By claiming a section of land you ensure that nobody else, except those that you grant trust to, is capable of accessing it nor is anyone able to PVP within the claim in order to protect the area, your builds, and any items that you have stored.

In this guide, I will be going over how to get to unclaimed territory, how to earn claim blocks, how to make a claim, resizing and subdividing, the various levels of trust, when claims expire, and how to locate and unclaim your land.

Finding an Area to Claim
In order to find unclaimed land you either use the command /rtp if you're one one of our SMP's native to 1.12.2 (With exception to Legacy SMP at the time of writing) or /tpr if you're on one of our SMP's native to 1.16 (Such as Netherite SMP). Keep in mind that this command does have a cooldown.

Earning Claim Blocks
You start off with 100 claim blocks that you can use. For every hour of playtime, you will earn an additional 100 claim blocks up to a maximum of 3,000. In order to earn additional claim blocks, you can obtain them for free through the Gems store.

An Exception to the maximum claim blocks from play time is Mega SMP with 10,000 claimblocks.

How to Claim Land
In order to make a claim, you would first make use of the /kit claimshovel command. When holding the claim shovel, you would then proceed to right-click two opposite corners of the area of land that you wish to purchase.

Alternatively, you could also use the /claim command while holding a claim shovel in order to quickly claim an 11x11 area around you.

It is important to note that claims do have a minimum required size and that a claim cannot overlap an already established claim.

Why Are Claims Important?
By claiming your land you prevent those you don't trust from accessing or destroying your land as well as from stealing items. You also prevent PVP and explosions within claims.

Another important thing about claims is that if you want to enable or disable explosions within a claim, you can do /claimexplosions in order to toggle them.

Resizing and Subdividing Claims
In order to resize a claim, all one has to do is right-click with a stick in order to see the claim boundaries, right click one of the corners of the claim with a claim shovel in order to move that corner, and then right-click a new block in order to set the new corner.

To create subdivisions within your claim, you would do the /subdivideclaim command while holding a claim shovel in order to change it into subdivision mode. Now you can use the claim shovel in order to create subclaims within the main claim that you can use to grant people specific types of trust only within the subclaim as opposed to the entirety of the claim.

To swap your claim shovel back to its normal mode, you can type /basicclaims.

Granting Trust to Other Players
Before I get into the specific types of trust I will first mention that it is very important that you be careful with who you trust in your claims. As to give someone trust in your claim is to give them permission to access your claim. So only trust those that you can truly trust.

If you do find someone that you know to be trustworthy then you can do /trust (user) while standing inside the claim or subclaim that you wish to give them access to. This is an overall type of trust which included the other separate forms of trust (Access and container trust). Keep in mind that if you trust someone while standing outside of your claim then you grant them trust in all of your claims.

Regarding the other forms of trust, there are several that you can grant other players: access trust, container trust, and permission trust.

By doing /accesstrust (user), you will grant a player the ability to set home and make use of your beds, buttons, levers, etc.

If you do /containertrust (user) then you would also be giving them access to any animals and trade with villagers within your claim as well as the ability to open containers such as chests. Access trust is also granted by giving someone container trust.

The /permissiontrust (user) command grants another player the ability to edit/share permissions on the claim with others.

Should you wish to untrust a player that you have trusted on a claim, you would stand within the claim and do /untrust (user).

You can check who you have trusted within a specific claim by doing /trustlist.

When Do Claims Expire?
Any unimproved claim made by a chest is automatically deleted after 7 days of inactivity. If the claim has been improved (built upon), then it will expire after 60 days of inactivity by default.

That said, if you have at least 5,000 total claim blocks, then your claims will never expire, An exception to this is MegaSMP 12,000 claim blocks


How to Locate Your Claims and Unclaim Land
In case you didn't happen to set a home at your claim (by doing /sethome), then you can locate your claims by doing either /listclaims or /claimlist in order to see the coordinates of your claim. You can then navigate to your claim by using f3 (or perhaps FN + f3) in order to make your way to said coordinates.

If you wish to unclaim an area, you can simply type either /abandonclaim or /unclaim while standing within the claim that you no longer want. Should you wish to abandon all of your claims at once, then you would type /abandonallclaims.

It is also important to note that in order to abandon a subclaim you would need to set your claim shovel to subdivision mode before standing within the subclaim and unclaiming as mentioned above.

If you have any further question regarding any of these game modes, please reach out to us on our forums or Discord server!

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