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In the Gems store, you are able to order custom prefix or suffixes what this does is deliver a token to you on /hub1 for you to create your own unique Prefix or Suffix. These can be used one time each and the below guide will show you how to use it.

  • Once you have ordered this token, log into the game and type /hub1 to be transferred to hub 1, this will allow you to collect the token after a little bit of waiting (though this is usually fairly quick if you have not received this after 24 hours, please reach out to our support team)
  • Once this has been delivered you can verify this by typing /prefix or /suffix and it will show the number of tokens you have. If this says 0, please log into a different hub such as /hub2
    Clicking on the paper on either side will explain how to use the /setprefix or /setsuffix command respectively
  • If you have the prefix or suffix that you would like, please use the command to create your new prefix or suffix. Please note this is where you would use all your colour code and item formatting. I have included a colour guide in the spoiler below

Minecraft Color Codes

  • For example, using the above if I wanted to have a suffix that used dark red and dark gray alternating text to spell out Netherite I would use the following command /setsuffix &4&LN&8&Le&4&Lt&8&Lh&4&Le&8&Lr&4&Li&8&Lt&4&Le
  • After typing your code you will receive a chat message that shows you a preview of the text and instructions on how to confirm, in this example if the below screenshot was to my satisfaction I would type /setsuffix confirm to apply this. If it wasn't, then I would simply retype the /setsuffix command with the desired code until the Verify box matched what I wanted.
  • Once this has been completed, you can type /setsuffix confirm and this will then be set and your new suffix (or prefix if you used this for a prefix) will be applied.

    1. Character Limits
    There is a limit to the amount of characters a prefix or suffix can be. If you enter a code longer than the allowed limit you will receive the below error message:


    2. Word restrictions
    There are limits to what we allow you to use as a prefix or suffix, while we will not go into details surrounding words that are ok or not ok to use, if you enter a banned word in your token you will receive the below message:


If you have any further question regarding any of these game modes, please reach out to us on our forums or Discord server!

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