My thoughts on Saturday Streams

So, I had mentioned some of this in Twitch chat and then RGA kind of mentioned it this past weekend. I think the rewards for the Saturday Speedrun portion should be changed. I think the big problem right now is that there's a big reward for killing RGA, but no benefits to helping him live. When there's a big reward for killing RGA, everyone just rushes to do their best to kill him. What I think would be better is a reward system that can be for both helping or hurting. For example:

Every 2 minutes that RGA is alive, 100 gems gets added to a pot.
Every 10 minutes that RGA is alive, a prize gets added or upgraded. (So, it starts at a large prize, then goes a stream winner prize, then to a 5 star goose dinner)
At the end, win or die, all of the people who bought something are added into the pot. You can even weigh it based on how helpful it was(A bed might be less entries than say rage mode, a water bucket challenge might be less entries than spawning a warden, etc.) and then draw randomly from those entries to see who wins the rewards. Can be multiple winners if there are multiple prizes.
I was worried that this would cause the opposite effect of what we have now, where everyone wants you to win, but I think it should balance some because people will want less entries into the pot and try to kill you, while also not immediately killing you because the prize isn't good enough.

Anyhow, just something to think about. I know it won't be popular with the ones who always kill you and get 5 star goose dinners, but I think it might make for a more enjoyable stream.

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