Unobtainable Cosmetics.

I mentioned on the stream today that there are 6 unobtainable cosmetic items I'd like added to the hub hunt. RGA responded that they are available in rewards, but they aren't.

These are 6 items you can't get:
Australia Hat
Powered Creeper Pet
Grim Reaper Miniature
Miner Miniature
Comet the Reindeer Animated Hat
Pumpkin Banner.

The rest of them are available via rewards, for anyone curious:
Flame of the Titans Cloak Level 100
Heart Particle Level 115
Firewings Cloak Level 145
Disco Ball Level 175
Shaman Cloak Level 50
Creeper Morph Level 75

So.... can we get that added to the hub hunt this year?

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