Make minigames worth players time

We should make the server minigames fun for people. Many of us would probably like to play them every now and then but nobody played them. To help them be used more we should
#1 add a weekly or monthly contest for rewards gems or other prizes. Just like on streams it would be every player for themself...
#2 make them more player friendly and find ways to add twists just like the minigames on the streams. Many of us love to do PvP but there often is not something we do to compete in PvP, which is often the best part. Let the owners (Mainly rga) participate in them to make it more fun for the players who watch the streams.
#3 when I talk about the minigames I am talking about the default minigames the you see at the hub. Bring back the score board and let us compete for both fun but also becoming the top on the server.

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