Minor Adjustments

To help maybe encourage newer players to stick around here are a few suggestions to make it a little bit more friendly towards new players to the server.

1. Everyone having white text for chat. (I believe someone else has made this suggestion also)

2.) Do away with needing a rank to silk touch spawners (ofc you will still need a silk touch pick). Alot are discouraged that they can't silk touch spawners for themselves.

3.) Do away with /tpa needing a rank but keep the /tpahere as a rank thing.

Reasons: #1 Alot of times new players with the default text color is overlooked and tbh it is hard to see their messages. So being ignored unintentionally by the community makes it seem like that aren't welcome when that's not the case. #2 New players ofc are going to have trust issues and feel discouraged that it's mandatory to have a rank to do something that technically should be free. #3 Not everyone enjoys asking people to tp them here and there all the time and being a nuisance and not all players are able to help all the time.

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