Restricted spawn claims

I have a suggestion for a new server.
Problem: Players who like to spend money get club memberships just when new servers are coming, then claim giant areas right around spawn before anyone else can even get on the server. These plots go largely unused, then the player either gets banned or stops playing and those areas are forever unusable by others.

Suggestion: have a large area around spawn that is set up like a town (grid-streets) with small-ish areas to claim, maybe 50x50. But have certain restrictions.
A) Each account may only claim ONE "block" in the spawn area.
B) Each "block" is fully claimed by one account and does not count against claim limits.
C) The claim expires after 90 days of no login to that server regardless of if the player purchased blocks.

Additional: Perhaps as you get farther from spawn, the "blocks" get bigger, these larger claims DO count against player claim-blocks, but they still expire after 90 days offline. The only claims that are able to be permanent are the ones in the "wild" i.e. more than 1k blocks from spawn.

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