PVP arena/ Envoy has to change.

In short, whenever an envoy event occurs, The less pleasant people on the server put their OP gear on and just go in and essentially god kill anyone they like and take their stuff.
What a weird mindset that is.
Free gear from the skies.. but ONLY the strongest among you can have it?
That is essentially what it is.
On a personal level,I myself have been targeted 2x specifically as soon as i enter.
This last time I waited a bit and no one showed up.
No one
So feeling lucky, I went in, and in 2 seconds one of the people who had been trying to goad me into the arena the past few days, instantly swooped in and targeted me.
The envoy event was used to get a chance to .. harass me specifically.
Worse yet, from what They said in chat, they just dropped my stuff afterwards and left it to despawn.
Now THAT is toxic behavior.
How did the PVP arena and a literally Gift event get merged together when its like this every single time?

Please.. either make it so NO gear by anyone can be used in there.. or put the Envoy event somewhere else where people won't lose what they get?

Ive had a great time on candy.. made some friend had a few laughs, saved a few claims.
But that PVP event with envoy.. is absolute hate incarnate.
No one does them because 'a select few' always go in there the first chance they get to literally attack others because ' ITs allowed in there!'
Truth is.. people like free stuff.. but not when they can lose it to the OP jerks and it just makes them even richer and more likely to do it again.

Sorry for the rant, but that event/ pvp being together.. is just a circle of hate kept alive by a handful of bullies.
I just hope this gets seen and investigated on.
No need to take my word for it.
Please.. go and see for yourselves.
Thank you.

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