Possible Solution To Economy Woes

So me and a few other players were talking this morning on how to make the servers economy better overall. As in real life you don't truly know who has how much money and such. I suggest that

1. You remove the /baltop command so we cannot see who exactly is baltop or among the richest on the server, and/or have a way that we can disable others from seeing our names/balance on baltop (We feel that this would reduce the competition side of just afking spawners and making money to compete with each other. We also believe that it would make the economy more fair as in pricing items and such)

2. Replace the /baltop command with an /economy command to where you can see how much money is in the server economy (inflation/GDP) without actually knowing the exact amounts baltop has.

We feel that it would make those who don't have many spawners feel less adequate and more of a normal smp feel vs a spawner grind!

3. We also feel that there is a need to remove money from the economy to help keep inflation down. I propose some sort of tax system to where if you don't spend a certain portion of your earnings (daily, weekly, or monthly) you get a heavy tax penalty (still haven't figured out the best way to incorporate this, maybe a 50% tax rate if you don't spend at least 10%-25%?) the taxes could go to fund the National Goose Army, and or community build projects???

These are just some of our thoughts and we would like others opinions on helping improve the server we all love!


Jcarroth suggests that there should be a use tax or similar on all transactions instead of a tax penalty. This is more balanced and accomplishes the goal without targeting the people who are making money (from spawners or otherwise.)

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