New oneblock

Dear Performium Team,

I would like to suggest the addition of a new oneblock server, Performium OneBlock which incorporates exciting features for an enhanced and immersive gaming experience. This new server will not only challenge players but also provide them with more customization and control over their gameplay. Here is an overview of the key features I propose:

Skill Trees: Implement a skill tree system allowing players to choose and upgrade unique abilities, providing them with more customization and control over their gameplay experience.

Custom Achievements: Create custom achievements that encourage players to explore various aspects of the game, fostering a sense of accomplishment and adventure.

Time-Limited Objectives: Offer limited-time objectives or quests that players must complete within a specific timeframe to earn exclusive rewards, keeping them engaged and motivated.

Leaderboards: Display leaderboards for various categories, fostering friendly competition among players and motivating them to improve their skills.

Resource Scarcity: Introduce resource scarcity to promote strategizing and trading among players, ensuring a more challenging and rewarding experience.

NPC Quests: Add NPCs with quests that provide players with objectives to complete in exchange for rewards, such as rare blocks, unique items, or in-game currency.

Progression System: Develop a leveling or progression system, allowing players to unlock new types of blocks, tools, and rewards as they reach specific milestones.

Themed Islands: Design unique themed islands that players can reach as they progress, with themes including biomes, historical eras, or popular culture references.

Custom Crafting Recipes: Introduce custom crafting recipes unique to the server, encouraging players to experiment and discover new items and combinations.

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