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Proposed "new" Skyblock

I say it's new, but it would be more of an expansion onto the current one block server.

With the release of 1.20, there will be plenty of new content to warrant an expansion, as you can add 1.19 and 1.20 blocks and mobs.

I propose that the new Phase order be as follows:
1. Plains (as it is now)
2. 1.20 content (Camel, Sniffers, Cherry Tree, ETC. Lean into the desert and gravel theme, with an 'oasis' of cherry wood and bamboo.
3. Underground (as it is now, reduce gravel/sand spawns)
4. The Deep Dark (Skulk, Skulk Sensors, ETC)
5. Winter (as it is, maybe add some Sherds from 1.20)
6. The Bayou (mangrove stuff, Mud, ETC.)
7. The Ocean (As it is now, maybe add some
8. Jungle (as it is now, add some 1.20 Sherds, ETC.)
9. Trail of Memories (idk on the name. Use 1.20 trail ruins for block list, focus on getting terracotta, Suspicious Gravel, chests of Sherds ETC.)
10. The Ancient City (1.19 stuff. Deepslate of all varieties, ETC.)
11. Swamp (as it is now, add frogs, ETC.)
12. Dungeon (as it is now, add Sherds, and 1.19 blocks)
13. The Nether (as it is now)
14. Plenty (as it is now, add 1.19, and add 1.20 blocks/content)
15. Desolation (add deepslate, and skulk)
16. The End (as it is now)

I also imagine some of the older phases getting longer so possibly bringing the entire 'loop' to 15,000 - 17,000 blocks.

On top of all of this I also thought that with the introduction of 1.19, there could be a place in the oneblock lobby/hub where you could elect to fight the warden with one of several prebuilt sets of gear. And depending on how 'good' the gear set you choose is, your reward for victory scales down with improved gear.

I.E. if you use a stone sword and gold armor, you get the maximum reward, if you use netherite everything, you get the minimum reward.

Maybe you can also elect to fight other bosses, and maybe there are various versions of each boss with different reward yields. I also thought that this could be a good way for people to get hoppers and things like that. Or maybe you can only fight one boss per day/week and the reward is a key to a supply crate or something similar.

Thats my idea for now, I would love to answer questions on this, or to hear everyone else's thoughts. Hope you all have a fantastic day!

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