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Wild SMP FAQs and Command Guide

Help and Questions
Due to popular demand, I have compiled a starter guide and list of commands for Wild SMP! This document is broekn into two parts; Part One: A Starter Guide to Wild SMP and Part Two: A Command Guide. The Starter Guide is in the form of FAQs, and will hopefully serve as an aide for a smooth start to your journey on the server!

This is by no means a comprehensive list of commands, just what I thought to be useful. If there is anything you would like to add or any commands that I may have missed, please comment below so that I can add it to the post!


- What do I do? How do I play? Etc.
This is a Survival Multiplayer server, so just play how you see fit! A good way to get started is to type "/kit starter", "/kit survival" and then find somewhere in the world to start building! To randomly teleport somewhere in the Overworld simply type "/tpr", but be warned DO NOT MOVE WHILE DOING THIS!!! as there is a 30min cooldown to this command.
Once you are in the wilderness, it may be a good idea to claim a plot of land before building on it. This prevents others from being able to break or alter blocks within your claim, protecting you from being griefed! If you have any questions, don't be shy to ask! Usually people are more than willing to help you if you are just starting out. We are all here to enjoy ourselves, and growing the community is part of that!

- How do I claim land?
Good question! You should have started with a book in your inventory explaining this process, but the short answer is you use a golden shovel and "right click" to mark one corner of a plot, and then "right click" again on the opposite corner of an area that you would like to claim. You have access to free golden shovels by typing "/kit claimshovel". Alternatively if you type "/claim" a 10x10 claim will be created for you, centered where you are standing.

- I ran out of claim blocks! How do I get more?
Everyone gets up to 3000 claimblocks for free, just by playing! You can check how many claim blocks you have by typing "/claimslist". If you don't have the full 3000 claimblocks yet, it will come with playtime. Beyond that, claim blocks can be purchased with gems under the "Server Specific Items" tab:D in "/gems".

- How do I teleport to my friends or other people?
In order to access the "/tpa" command, you need at least Iron rank. To teleport others to you with the "/tpahere" command, you need Gold rank. I know, this seems like an inconvenience but FEAR NOT! Just ask in chat and there is almost always someone online that is willing to help you link up with your friends.

- What are Ranks and how do I get them?
Ranks are Lifetime Server Prefixes that can be obtained and come with benefits like extra commands, additional player vaults, more sethomes, etc. Ranks can be purchased with Gems (type "/Gems" ingame to access the Gem Store) or directly via the Performium webstore (https://store.performium.net/). You also may find that if you are active within this community, Ranks and Rank Upgrades are gifted by others quite often!

- How do I get Gems?
Gems are the Premium currency on the server and can be obtained in a few different ways.

-The first and most straightforward way to accrue Gems for free over time is by voting for the server daily at (https://www.performium.net/vote), logging in daily, and subsequently building vote and login streaks.
-Gems be purchased directly from the Performium webstore at (https://store.performium.net/)
-You can purchase Gems directly from other players ingame with ingame money and items via Gem Cookies. Gem Cookies are tradeable items that are worth 100 Gems each, and when consumed the Gems are added to your balance.
-Tuning into RGA's weekly Twitch Stream at (twitch.tv/RGAGaming). RGA usually streams every Saturday (sometimes Sundays) around 12PM - 1PM EST. During his streams you can participate in minigames to earn free Gems!

- How do I make money?
This server has an active player driven economy! Money can be made in many different ways, but perhaps the most straightforward method is to collect items and sell them directly to the server with the "/sell hand" command. You can see if an item has value to the server by holding it in your hand and typing "/price". Potentially the best item to sell to the server is Emeralds, worth $12 each, and can be easily collected by killing Vindicators and Evokers at one of the many Public Grinders around spawn.

Alternatively, you can access the player auction house by typing "/AH". This accesses a menu where players can sell things to other players for a set price. If you think you have something that may be valueable to another player, you can sell it on the auction house with the command "/ah sell price"

Making money on this server isn't limited to these things, however. Money can be made any number of ways including opening player shops with sell chests, helping others work on something, etc.

- I voted for the server but didn't get any keys. Why?
After you vote, you need to type "/votereward" in game to redeem your vote crate keys.

- I'm stuck inside someone's claim, how do I get out?
Type "/trapped"

- What are Mystery Crates and why can't I open all of them?
Mystery Crates contain cosmetic items and can be opened at /spawn or in the /hub via the Ender Chest. Without rank, you can open 1 and 2 star mystery crates. For 3, 4, and 5 star mystery crates you will need Rank.

- If I die, will I lose my stuff?
No, Keep Inventory is on in all areas of this server.

- Is PvP enabled on this server?
Yes, PvP is enabled anywhere outside of claims. There is a dedicated PvP area in the End that can be accessed by typing "/warp end" as well as "/warp pvp". This is where most the PvP tends to happen on this server.
- How do I create a player sell shop?
A guide to creating shops can be found here: https://www.performium.net/Community/ServerGuides/Guide/33/Creating-Server-Shops

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask in chat or in the Performium Discord channel!

General Commands Accessible to All Players

- /kits displays all kits that you have access to
- /kit [kit name] claims the desired kit. ie "/kit starter" would claim the starter kit
- /tpr teleports the player to a random location in the world. (30min cooldown)
- /trapped use this if you are trapped in a claim and can't get out
- /pv [number] accesses the desired playervault. First one is free, additional /pvs come with Rank.
- /gv opens the global vault menu. Global vault is used to transfer items between servers in exchange for gems
- /sethome [name] creates a sethome, or teleport point to which you can return to. First one is free, additional /sethomes come with Rank.
- /home [name] teleports you to desired home
- /sit sits your character, as long as on solid ground. (This makes it so you can't be pushed!)
- /ah accesses the player Auction House
- /ah sell [price] creates an offer in the /ah of the item in your hand for a set price
- /bal displays your current balance
- /bal [name] displays the balance of another player
- /baltop displays the top player balances on the server
- /sell displays help menu for sell commands
- /sell hand sells item in hand to the server, if possible
- /trade [name] sends trade request to player. (note: Items on hotbar cannot be traded)
- /bounty [name] [amount] [silent] places a bounty on another player. "Silent" is optional, to be added if you want the bounty to remain anonymous
- /bounties displays the current top bounties on the server
- /mybounties Displays the current bounties you have on other players, right click on this menu to remove bounties
- /warps displays the list of warps accessible by the player
- /warp [name] teleports the player to desired warp location. Currently there are only warps for crates,end,pvp
- /msg [name] or /w [name] privately messages another player
- /r [message] privately respond to the last person that has privately messaged you
- /realname [name] displays the "realname" of a player (as many players use nicknames)
- /ignore [name] ignores a player -- neither party can see chat from the other anymore
- /unignore [name] unignores a player
- /ignoredplayerlist displays list of ignored players
- /rewards displays UI for server level rewards
- /vote displays the websites that you can go to vote for the server daily (you can click on these)
- /votereward once you vote, you can collect your vote crate keys by doing this command
- /votestreak displays current voting streak
- /streak displays current login streak
- /cosmetics or /collectibles or /gmenu displays the UI for the collectible cosmetic items on the server
- /gems displays the Gem Store
- /report [name] [reason] reports a player to Performium staff
- /pets accesses menu where you can spawn any pets you've collected (this is different than /cosmetic pets)
- /servers opens server selector
- /hub sends the player to the Performium hub
- /private attempts to join the gem game private server (for use during RGA streams)
- /joinnow attempts to join the minigame server (for use during RGA streams)
- /jail joins the jail server where banned players reside
- /wild joins Wild SMP
Claim Commands

- /claim [radius] creates a claim centered on where you are standing. default is 10x10
- /claimslist shows the coordinates all of your claims as well as available claimblocks
- /abandonclaim deletes the claim of where you are standing
- /abandonallclaims abandons all claims
- /trust [name] gives another player permission to edit in your claim
- /untrust [name] Revokes any permissions granted to a player in your claim
- /untrust all Revokes trust from all players on a claim
- /accesstrust or /at Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, and beds
- /ContainerTrust or /ct Gives a player permission to use your buttons, levers, beds, crafting gear, containers, and animals.
- /permissiontrust or /pt Gives a player permission to manage permissions on a claim
- /claimexplosions Toggles if explosions are allowed in your claim. (defaulted to off)
(Note You can grant access to the public by replacing [name] with "public" or "all" in any trust commands.)

While holding Claim Shovel:
- /subdivideclaim switches shovel into subdivision mode, where you can split up your claim to allow different permissions for different parts of your claim
- basicclaims reverts shovel to basic claims mode

Full guide for claiming land can be found at: https://www.performium.net/Community/ServerGuides/Guide/35/How-to-Claim-Land-on-SMP-servers
McMMO Commands

- /mcmmo help Displays all commands for McMMO

Full guide to McMMO can be found at: https://www.performium.net/Community/ServerGuides/Guide/34/McMMMO---Feature-Guide-and-Usage
Rank Commands
Each Rank Tier has access to Commands of Lower Ranks

Iron Rank

/kit iron
/tpa [name] sends request to teleport to another player
/pv 2
Lapis Rank

/kit lapis
/condense condenses item held in hand into most compact form (if possible) ie nuggets to blocks/ingots
/condense all condenses all applicable items in inventory
/pv 3
Redstone Rank

/kit Redstone
/pweather [weather] sets the players weather as desired
/ptime [time] sets the players time as desired
/enderchest or /ec opens ender chest from any location
/pv 4
Gold Rank

/kit Gold
/tpahere [name] sends a request to teleport another player to your location
/pv 5
/eext extinguishes burning effect on the player
Diamond Rank

/kit Diamond
/feed fills the hunger bar (2min cooldown)
/pv 6
/hat puts whatever item is in your hand, on your head!
Emerald Rank

/kit Emerald
/heal fills the health and hunger bar of the player, and purges any effects currently on the player
/pv 7
/nick [name] gives you a desired nickname! (no colors)
Obsidian Rank

/kit Obsidian
/fly toggles flying on/off
/fix repairs the durability of the item in your hand
/pv 8
/nick [name] gives you a desired nickname! (with colors!)
Bedrock Rank

/kit Bedrock
/fix all repairs the durability of all items in inventory
/craft gives the player access to a crafting table anywhere!
/pv 10
/giveskull [name] gives the head of any player (5min cooldown)
Netherite Rank

/kit Netherite
/pv 25
/AFK [message] ability to voluntarily go AFK and input a custom AFK message
/back Teleports the player back to the last known location
/compass outputs current facing direction
/depth tells your height above sea level
/disposal or /trash access to a disposal system to throw your unwanted items into, instead of on the ground
/kittycannon launches an exploding kitten! (30sec cooldown)
/nick [name] gives you a desired nickname (with colors and bold!)

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