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Mega SMP Mega-Thread

After hearing your feedback in support of the MegaSMP project, we have decided to go ahead with this project first! Mega SMP is a new version of the legacy Mega SMP. I will try to maintain this post with the full list of features and planned development items, as well as the status of each phase.

The idea of this server is to be the end-all be-all SMP server. It will offer PVP, PVE, personal worlds, dungeons, and so much more. The best part is that as new minecraft versions come out, we will be able to update the server. Now you will never have to worry about moving to a new server just to play the new version.

What is Mega SMP?
Originally when the legacy Mega SMP server was created, the whole goal was to have a server that would have 4 worlds - A PVE world, a PVP world, a VIP world, and a Resource World. The goal was to have the resource world be deleted/reset when each new minecraft version came out so that players could access new mobs, items, and blocks, while the player worlds to stay forever and never get reset. However, this failed because of the massive changes from 1.12 to 1.13 and beyond. Recent versions of MC do allow us to do this, which is why we decided to revive this project.

Currently planned features list
  • Private Worlds: Each player will be given a private world where they can build and make anything they want. You could think of a private world like a Skyblock Island, except it's a full world (of a certain dimension - size TBD). Players can visit the homes of other players, whether they are online or not. There will be a basic trust/access system. Personal player worlds will not be deleted or reset. These are a great place to setup shops.

  • PVE World: The PVE world is a world where players can explore, claim land, setup shops, build communities, and more. Like the private worlds, this world will not reset/be deleted. Certain features will be disabled in ALL shared worlds, such as hoppers, redstone, and other mechanics.

  • VIP World: The VIP world is the same concept as the PVE world, but only accessible for Club Members. There will be some minor perks (TBD) that this world will have. Like the private worlds, this world will not reset/be deleted. Certain features will be disabled in ALL shared worlds, such as hoppers, redstone, and other mechanics.

  • Resource World: This world will be reset periodically, including the overworld, nether, and end worlds to allow the the renewal of finite resources, and as such claims/homes WILL NOT be allowed on this world. The world will be reset on a schedule, or when new MC versions are released to allow access to new blocks/resources. Certain features will be disabled in ALL shared worlds, such as hoppers, redstone, and other mechanics.

  • PVP World: Entering this world could cause you to lose your items! A death mechanic (TBD) will be in place to cause you to lose IGC, inventory items, and/or both upon death. Due to the nature of PVP being enabled, certain enchants may be disabled in this world, and more restrictions might be added. The REWARD for being in the PVP world will be in the form of loot drops, increased custom enchant chances, accessing certain rare items, and other TBD features.

  • Personal Dungeons: These worlds will be randomly generated "cave crawler" style worlds that players can explore to find rare resources, mobs, and other dungeons. These worlds will be accessed by using Dungeon Tokens (acquiring token method TBD)

  • Spawners 2.0: A totally revamped mob spawner experience where spawners will generate IGC directly, based on rarity tier, and allow upgrades.

  • Economy Forever: A brand new economy experience, where players will be able to /sell items to the store, and other players can buy those items. With new enchanting mechanics, the store will allows players to easily access required materials, but only if they are in stock. The idea is that players can only buy items from the store that players /sell to it, and once something is sold out players must go gather that resource. This will likely create more opportunities for basic materials to have their own direct trade markets, and will make for a fun new experience. In this economy, all items will have a value, and even performing tasks such as mining will generate IGC. More features TBD

  • Let us hear your thoughts!
    Leave a reply below with things you think would be awesome to see on this new server. Development is just starting, so we have plenty of time to add new features.

    - 12/27/2022: Spawners 2.0 being reworked to be virtual with GUI.

  • Mega Core: Development not started

  • Private Worlds: Development not started

  • PVE World: Development not started

  • VIP World: Development not started

  • Resource World: Development not started

  • PVP World: Development not started

  • Personal Dungeons: Initial POC demo created, will likely not be completed until Phase 2.

  • Spawners 2.0: Development back in alpha testing phase, reworking to virtualize spawners

  • Economy Forever: Development not started

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