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Candy SMP Bad Omen Situation

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So, as of right now on Candy SMP, Bad Omen is disabled. When I tried getting answers as to why this was the case, I was given, "Nobody wanted it." It seemed like the majority of the people online disagreed with that statement, but that's the reason that's been given.

This post has been created for the following two reasons:

1. To try and gain traction with the community and see if the server really does want it or not.

2. The fact that totems are now a limited resource on the server. I'd rather have a way to get unlimited totems, and another item to use in the economy, rather than making it so villagers don't die as easily or whatever reason for why "nobody wanted it".

This post isn't meant to badmouth anyone, it's just the only way I've really been given to try and revert this change.

If you'd like to see Bad Omen back in the Candy SMP, please upvote this post (or whatever it's being called here xD)

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