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Candy SMP Spqwner 2.0 maths

ohk so. I've been monitoring and doing maths on spawner2.0. I have a group of T7 slime spawners. As per their right-click info they should produce 276.81 per spawn, with a max igc vault of 233,280. These vault values don't match what is doc'd on the Server2.0 guide, that's a different issue that's been noted to the mods.
Here is some numbers. The left number was the total in the vault at time of withdraw. The number on the right is what we get when we take that total and divide by 276.81. This, as per reversing the guide documentation, should produce a normal integer number. For example, 100 spawns of a T7 spawner should produce 27,681 igc.

39730.60 143.5302193
39913.30 144.1902388
39678.02 143.3402695
39813.65 143.8302446
40832.26 147.5100611

However, as these numbers show, the math does not produce integers. So I started tracking the amount per spawn by withdrawing from a single spawner after each spawn cycle. Here is a sample of those results:


This shows there is an undocumented variance to the IGC generated, up to 88.6%, per spawn, based on the data I've collected for a T7 Slime spawner. Its possible these variances could be different for other tiers or entities within the same tier, or they could be the same. More research is needed.

The conclusion here is that Spawner2.0 doesn't generate the amount of IGC per spawn that they claim as per the info in their right-click. The value is not substantially less, but is measurable. This variance is also not documented.

This is also less about railing on mods for things that are wrong/etc. More just interesting numbers and maths regarding the new system. If you're not getting as much as you'd expect, this may be the source.

Extra note: These numbers don't account for the rate of spawner activation, which, if Spawner2.0 follows standard vanilla, can vary from 200 to 799 ticks between spawn actions. This will also cause a variance to the amount generated over a given time period. However, length of time was not a consideration and does not effect the math here. This is solely based on amount generated per spawn, not amount generated per given unit of time.

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