Phase 1 Beta Testing

Phase 1 Beta Testing

We are currently beta testing the functionality of Phase 1 of our website redesign. This means that you may see things change a bit, but overall everything should work fine.

If you run into any issues, please reply with the problem you have as well as what you did to cause it. The more details you're able to provide the better. This way we can work quickly to resolve any issues.

Current Phase 1 List
- Register/login/password reset systems
- Link minecraft and discord accounts
- Change display name and password
- Home page with news/socials
- Voting links
- Rewards for previous purchases
- Wallet to display gems, GV items, and custom item tokens
- Area to create custom items with the new tokens
- View community rules and guides
- Forums with voting/priority sorting of topics and replies
- Basic player profile
- Support ticket system
- Staff team page

I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who is helping test! Also, don't forget to put your suggestions and other ideas in the Suggestions forum!

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