BIG Club Memberships Update

BIG Club Memberships Update

As you may or may not already be aware, we have recently moved away from Tebex/Buycraft and launched our new store. The URL is the same (https://store.performium.net), but the backend is completely new. While we tried to maintain the look of our original store, we added a LOT of new functionality, such as the RANK SYNC feature.

Anyways, this post isn't to talk about the store, but more importantly to talk about the changes to Club Memberships. If you currently have any LEGACY club memberships through (meaning any subscriptions setup through Buycraft), you will have to cancel and recreate them. If your membership renews you may or may not get your permissions applied and will have to create a Support Ticket in order to get them (as well as any website rewards.

New Membership Process
We have just rolled out the new changes to our store and website, which integrates memberships into one place. Now you will be able to log in and keep track of any memberships you have created. You can still create memberships for other players, but it will have to be done on the following page: https://www.performium.net/Account/Membership

Essentially the new process is pretty simple:
1. Click the link to Create a New Membership (https://www.performium.net/Account/New-Membership)

2. Enter the username you want to buy the membership for, and select the membership tier.

3. You will be redirected to the store to set the payment method you want to use for the subscription.

That's it!
Once you complete the three steps above, you will be able to see your subscription. Since this is a new system there may be issues, so if you experience any please create a Support Ticket at https://www.performium.net/Support/Tickets

Thank you for being patient while we fix the issues that arise, and we hope you are enjoying the ease of the new checkout process.

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