1.19 Wild SMP is Here!

1.19 Wild SMP is Here!

Wild Survival launches on Saturday 9th July 2022 at 6PM UK, 1PM Eastern, 12 noon Central, 11am Mountain and 10am Pacific.

Our MVP and VIP Club members will gain whitelist access 1 hour pre-launch as usual.

Whats New?

As well as all the 1.19 minecraft updates we have added a few little quirks to help make your lives easier as well:

- The continuation of the much requested END PVP Zone
- McMMO (all new version) enabled in all non pvp areas. level yourself up and use special skills
- Use /pv Player Vaults to keep your valubles safe from prying eyes.
- Random Teleport in overworld /tpr
- Enchant updates allowing infinity crossbows and other special combinations, try them out.
- Villagers can be led with a lead.
- Cleric Villagers have had a new skill added where they will farm nether-wart.
- Phantoms will now ignore players who carry a torch.
- Bees have been given a powerup, and will now work at night and also when its raining.
- Want a new Iron Golem farm design? Want to update your mob proof house design. Iron Golems can now Swim!
- Hit an Iron Golem by accident. If you hand them a poppy, they will calm down and be your new BFF.
- A small Health & Safety update. If you run with scissors you will take damage. Remember your mom told you never to run with scissors.
- Want to make even prettier builds? Now you can use coral blocks outside water without them dying.
- Infitite Lava returns, along with placing furnaces over lava blocks to enable them to be self fueling forever.
- Having issues cleaning up the new infinite lava? You can now absorb lava with a sponge. Maybe nether bases are a new option.
- Ever place two slabs and wish you could remove just one? Now you can. Just sneak while you break and one slab will peel off.
- Want better spawner farms? Now you can de-activate spawning with a redstone signal. Place a pressure plate in grinding location with an inverter to turn on spawn locations. much better for the server and much better for FPS in your base.
- Observer clocks have been removed from the game, so no more having your gameplay affected by a neighboring "redstone genius"

- All new World Generation - 1.19 wild update has arrived.
- 5K World Borders in all worlds
These borders will expand 1K blocks every week, to a max of 15K
- Mob Stacking
- Leadable Villagers
- Keep Inventory is enabled in all worlds.
- Claim with a golden shovel, and accrue free claim blocks in every hour of play.
- Claim protection lasts the same duration as all other Performium SMP Servers
- Claims in overworld and Nether.

Hope to see you there!

The Performium Staff Team

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