Factions Rewind - Throwback to the OG Factions Experience

Factions Rewind - Throwback to the OG Factions Experience

Factions Full Reset! When?
This server re-opens Sunday August 21st 2022 at 3 PM Eastern, 8PM UK Time!!

Key Features
- Full throwback launch to a 2020 favourite!
- Duels System see who is really the best without McMMO and OP Gear!
- Economy - Balanced sell to server economy. You can also sell items with /ah
- WorldBorders at +/- 10K in all worlds
- Creeper Egg Raiding in all worlds
- Buy most items at /warp shop
- Sell wands are available to speed up financial growth
- Gen Buckets for cobble / obsidian and lava source blocks
- Full Custom Enchantment System
- Exciting crate types including Vote, Supply, Enchanting, Spawner, Cosmetic and Mega Seasonal Crates. No God Crates
- /ftop leaderboard command
- McMMO to level up thoses combat skills
- Envoy events in the warzone with awesome loot drops
- Bounty Hunting system to collect your enemies skulls

And dont forget the most EXCITING thing Duels!

Now you can see who is really the best fighter! Are you really a PVP God or a nancy in a G-Set?

You can bet in game $$$, items or just your pride on every duel, while as many or few of your friends watch and cheer you on.

Your items and f-power will be safe and in the duel arenas you will have no advantage from OP items or McMMO.

I cant wait to see who is really the best!

Thanks and enjoy!

The Performium Staff Team

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