Migration Guide: New Website Launch

Migration Guide: New Website Launch

Welcome to the new and improved Performium website! I'm sure many of you have questions, so we will try to answer as many of them as we can below! If something isn't covered here, leave a reply so we can help answer your questions!

Migration is simple, since their really is no way to "migrate" so to speak. Instead, everyone will have to create a new Performium account and link their minecraft accounts. It's that simple, just sign up, verify your email address, and link your account!

Do we have to create new accounts?
Yes, there is currently no way to migrate accounts from Enjin to Performium. Everyone will have to create a new account and link their minecraft accounts to the website.

Can we still access the old Enjin site?
Unfortunately not. Enjin removed our ability to change the hostnames on their website a few years back. As such, we have no way of allowing you to access the old site or content.

Will any website data be migrated over? Forums, Tickets, etc.?
Now, no data will be exported from the Enjin site. We have tried to copy the important pieces of information such as server guides and rules, access to past tickets, forums posts, and applications will no longer be accessible.

I don't see anywhere to apply to become a staff member, where can I apply?
Currently there is no way to apply for staff positions, but don't worry! We will be creating new forms that you can use to apply, it will just take a little bit to get them out.

I was banned on Enjin, will I be banned here?
Maybe, but only if you repeat the same actions. Think of this as a one time clean slate. While we didn't import any IP or account bans, certain features on this site are linked to your player accounts. If your account gets banned, you won't be able to use our forums.

How do you get rewards, and why do some people have so many?
Rewards are a bonus item that we give out for any purchases on the store. Since rewards are per minecraft account, you might get rewards for things other people purchased for you.

How many minecraft accounts can I link?
There are no limits on the number of alts you can link, however remember that our rules have hard limits on the total number of alts we allow.

Why hasn't my custom item been approved?
Every item has to be manually approved by an administrator to make sure that nobody abuses the system. Anyone who attempts to make items that are against our rules risk having their entire account banned.

I have a problem, where do I report it?
Start by using the confidential help section of our forums. If we determine the issue needs to become a support ticket, our moderation team will convert it for you!

We appreciate everyone's patience as we work out any issues you may experience during our launch. We thank you for bearing with us, and can't wait to bring many more features!

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