Introducing: Amethyst Rank

Introducing: Amethyst Rank

First of all I'd like to say I'm not sure why so many people wanted us to add a new rank called Amethyst, but nonetheless we wanted to listen to the community and add it. Either way it's here and we're sticking to it, so I hope you enjoy the new perks.

How the get Amethyst Rank
If you are interested in getting the rank, simply head over to the store here: https://store.performium.net/Store/Categories/1/Minecraft-Server-ranks-Upgrades

The price should be discounted based on the current rank that you have, unless you have no rank in which case it'd be the regular price.

What does Amethyst come with?
Well, as with all higher ranks, they come with all the perks of the lower ranks. With that said, there's really not a lot of stuff that lower ranks don't have. We have added a few new commands that may make life easier, so here's the list of what was added:

  • {Amethyst} Prefix

  • WHITE colored chat text

  • Access to /Kit Amethyst (should be out soon)

  • Ability to /grindstone

  • Ability to /loom

  • Ability to /smithingtable

  • Ability to /cartographytable

  • Ability to /stonecutter

  • Ability to /anvil

  • Ability to /ice

  • Ability to /beezooka (30 sec CD)

  • Ability to /rest (2 min CD)

Why isn't XXX or YYY working?!?!
We've just recently created this rank, and all the bugs may not be worked out. Currently we are in the process of pushing out the new kit files, but most other things should work. These issues should be resolved within a few hours of this post.

If you continue to have issues, or have any suggestions, please leave a reply below and we will try to answer everything!

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