Easter Egg Hunting on Wild SMP!

Hop.... Hop.... Hop..... HopHopHopHopHopHopHopHop
Omg that was totally a bunny hopping :D Which reminds me that Easter is just around the corner!
And with Easter.... There is EASTER EGG HUNTING WOOOOOO (time to relive the childhood for you old people!)

I have scattered out 11 Easter eggs on Wild SMP!!! Each reward is unique, so no rewards are the same!
One out of the 11 Easter eggs is.... ONE GOLDEN EASTER EGG (OMG WHAT? EASTER BUNNY POOPS GOLD EGGS?!?!?)
What does the golden egg contain? I dunno cus I dont like touching golden poop of Easter bunnies.

So 11 eggs are scattered all through out in the overworld reaching the world border in Wild SMP server. The Eggs are on the surface and not underground or high in the sky (except one). The eggs look like a egg but its blocky (because its minecraft duh)

Now how to play!

1. Log onto Wild SMP
2. Hunt for Eggs

I hope everyone will have a fun time hunting for the eggs!

Happy hunting!
Performium Staff

Since no one knows what a minecraft egg looks like (or I dont know....)
Here is a image of one of them


The egg can be in different colours as well....

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