Forum Posts Vote Up / Down System Should Require Should Require A Post First.

I think in order to be able to up / down Vote posts in that thread. users should be required to have 1 reply to that post on the thread first this is for several reasons.

1. Targeting It is possible for a Member ( with alts) ( or Group of Members) to be able to target specific users by going trough all there posts and down voting them without valid reason not only will this cause a inaccurate reading of the general opinion on the htread this could lead to accounts being locked for there rep being to slow incorrectly.

2. Quality of Posts By Doing this it would also mean that it would require a better quality of posts what do I mean about this? well players wouldnt be able to down vote posts for no reason they would have to explain why they object to the opinion if the posts t hey are voting down not only would this prevent targeting (because users would p be prevented from simply saying no as a post without reason) it would create better interactions for the community as a whole as they it would lead to more free discussion of ideas.

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